• EcoPlus Mag Drive Utility Pump®

    EcoPlus Mag Drive Utility Pump® are premium quality, fixed flow, multi-use water pumps. These are high performance pumps with low...

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  • Coco-Mix


    Coco-Mix is an organic substrate that can be used in combination with special coco nutrients containing organic minerals. It is...

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  • Oasis Self Watering System

    Self Watering System

    With the Oasis Self Watering System you do not have to worry about watering your plants when away from home....

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GS Thermal Solutions

GS Thermal Solutions offers the most advanced grow systems available for the indoor agriculture industry. Our combination of unique liquid cooled LEDs and a proprietary control system allows growers to... Read More

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This complex liquid blend of organic compounds is specifically designed for maximum effect as a plant, root and rhizoshpere catalyst. This exclusive formula is a universal supplement for both growth and bloom. The ingredient list includes such products as complex organic Saponins, soy extract, yeast extract, kelp extract, humic acid and L-aminos to name a few. All of these have been combined to encourage plant vigor, reduce stress, accelerate growth and increase yield.

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