At DG Agtek, we have an enormous amount of respect for Mother Nature and the majestic beauty of her children.

We can’t improve on the hemp plant, so we simply want to gather and concentrate the organic benefits it provides.  We start with the cleanest flower available and keep it that way.  We don’t use any chemicals, petroleum solvents, or synthetic additives or catalysts in our extraction process.  We do our CBD extraction as cleanly and naturally as possible.  Our hemp is dried and prepped with heat and airflow, our cannabinoids are extracted from the biomass using food grade grain-derived ethanol, and our broad spectrum distillate is purified using basic thermal dynamics.  No toxins, no hexanes, no residuals.  Clean, golden, third-party tested, broad-spectrum CBD oil ready for topical application or human consumption.  Let us turn your flower into gold.


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