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Connecticut's Leading CBD Processor

DG Agtek is the leader in hemp cultivation and CBD processing in the state of Connecticut, and one of the few soil-to-oil hemp companies in the Northeast. When Connecticut’s Hemp Pilot Program began three years ago, DG Agtek was the first in line to get approved by the Departments of Agriculture and Consumer Protection, and is the only company in the state approved to grow, process, and manufacture hemp and CBD products. We grow our high-quality hemp in outdoor fields and state of the art naturally lit greenhouses, using only the finest organic fertilizers and crop control methods. We hand-harvest, hand-buck, and hand-dry all of our flower and biomass before extracting it in organic, food-grade ethanol using industry leading techniques. Once we create the life-changing golden oil, we put it into a myriad of wellness products from tinctures to chocolates, from massage oils to bath bombs, for both humans and our pets. Whether it’s helping alleviate anxiety, arthritis, chronic pain, or a variety of other symptoms, CBD can make a positive difference in the lives of many people. At DGAgtek, we want to bring you that change. With over 50 years of combined agricultural and laboratory experience, we know we’re bringing you the cleanest, purest products on the market. DG Agtek: from the soil to the oil, the highest quality CBD products available.


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