About Us

D&G AGTEK was founded August 2016.

D&G AGTEK is a multifaceted company. In the last year we have reestablished one of the owners 200 year old family farm. This farm is currently our test facility and production facility. We have been testing different growing systems. We have been growing basil, cucumbers, lettuce, strawberries and tomatoes in different hydroponic systems. We have been supplying local restaurants with these products with great success.

D&G AGTEK has recently expanded our business and partnered in a retail and online relationship with MR Nice Guy Hydroponics a retail location. This relationship is now giving us the ability to provide you some of a newest growing products available. With our relationship with Mr Nice Guy Hydroponics we now have a Doctor. Owner Mr Nice Guy Hydroponics carries a degree in botany. So if have growing questions the DR is in.

We look forward to providing you the latest methods and technology for your growing projects and by visiting our farm you can see it all in action. (by reservation only)

Our online and retail stores are focused on horticulture, organics, hydroponics and lighting supplies.

Our store is located on 141 Summer St, Plantsville, CT 06479 we have a lab on campus and a “Pit” where we sell used items for our customers. With a degree in biology and many years of grow experience in the store. Information is always free at always sunny. We are the only hydroponics store in the entire greater Waterbury area and will help to institute and supply a sustainable urban agriculture system in our local community. Always sunny services clients through in store sales, online sales, or through the always sunny academy. Start making a difference in your health, community, and ecosystem today!

What makes Hydroponics a green technology?

  • Hydroponics is a green technology that is becoming the preferred method for agriculture production. The technology allows us to keep the land in its natural state, no disturbing by tilling or erosion from water usage. Areas like basements, rooftops, closets, bedrooms, and attics can all be utilized as gardens! Hydro gardens can also be built vertically to increase the efficiency of a space even further Plants grow 2x as fast and have a 30% greater yield because they don’t have to compete for space or nutrients with weeds or pests. This allows people to use less space and harvest more food! No need for pesticides plants can be grown totally organic! Water can be conserved because hydroponic gardens utilize 90% less water than a traditional garden. Plants are natural scrubbers of the air… more plants equals cleaner air!
  • By growing indoors or in greenhouses, conditions can be controlled to enable year round growing regardless of what season it is with the increase of farm-able areas due to hydroponics food can be produced locally keeping food fresh and healthy! Also there is no need for large trucks or ships to haul food over large distances reducing the consumption of fossil fuels! Because the conditions are controlled and there is no competition from weeds hydro gardening takes less time and effort the traditional gardens.