Experience matters. Knowledge matters.

In this era of alternate facts and google-educated experts, don’t put the future of your hemp harvest or the quality of your CBD products in the hands of pretenders. DG Agtek has been involved in Connecticut’s hemp industry since before the bills were signed by Congress. We were the first company in line for fingerprinting as soon as the ink on the pilot program contracts was dry. DG Agtek was and still is the ONLY company in the state of Connecticut licensed to grow, process, produce, extract, and manufacture topical and consumable CBD products from commercial hemp. A bunch of other farmers grow hemp in their fields, a couple lab techs spin oil in amateur facilities, and a handful of other manufacturers make CBD products. DG Agtek is the only company to do it all.

Are we the absolute best at everything we do?

Few people would make that claim about anybody in any field, so we won’t either. We do seem to be skilled and knowledgeable enough about our biology and laboratory processes that people keep asking us for advice and help. After they succeed in their task or resolve their problem, they refer us to their friends and come back with more questions. That says something. We know more than most about more than most.Whether your greenhouse team needs help with licensing, navigating the state websites, seed germination, clone propagation, tissue culturing, decarboxylation, crude winterization, fractional distillation, recipe development, cosmetic manufacturing, brand marketing, website design, manufacturing and dosing options, store distribution, interpreting laboratory results, and just about everything else, DG Agtek’s real-world experience has us ready to ask the most thoughtful questions to help you find the most effective solutions. As one of the pioneers in Connecticut’s burgeoning hemp industry, we have probably already faced and overcome the obstacles you are dealing with now. We might be able to help your team navigate them without going through the pain and hardship we did. If we are unable to brainstorm a solution together using our shared experience, we have even more specifically skilled contacts throughout the region and the country to whom we can turn with questions.

DG Agtek realizes that our industry faces an uphill battle everyday, on every front.

If hemp is going to succeed in America we all need to be ready to work together for the benefit of our species and the benefit of the planet. We’ve blazed the trail and invite you to learn from our successes and failures. Confused by the State of CT elicense website? Join the crowd.   We’ve been through it dozens of times and are on a first name basis with the regulators. Let us guide you through. Not sure which seeds are allowed by the Department of Agriculture? We’ve already done the research and cross referenced all 50 states. You need to test your crop before you can harvest. Know where the nearest, quickest, and most affordable USDA certified testing labs are? We do, and we can tell you who to see. Flip-flopping between using CO2 or ethanol for your extraction? Maybe our thousands of hours of lab experience can inform a decision that’s best for your company. Have a barnful of dried hemp and don’t know how to monetize it or get products to market? We work with over 40 Connecticut farmers, growers, and shop owners to create their own personalized product lines by putting their hemp into high quality CBD products bearing their own farm labels. We’ll talk with you and listen to your story to make your branded products unique and a reflection of the people who put in the labor and the love.

DG Agtek agricultural technologies consulting services is the oldest multi-platform, vertically integrated hemp company in Connecticut. From the soil to the oil to the shelf, we can help your hemp/CBD business Growww.


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