No light source made by human hands grows plants quite like the sun.

That is why DG Agtek uses greenhouses and outdoor fields to grow all of our hemp.  Supplemental LED lighting is only used to extend the length of daylight for the vegetative stage of growth. Other than that, we rely on Sol, like forests, jungles, meadows and fields around the world do.  Whether it’s cultivating top quality hemp from the finest seeds available, traditional cloning, or tissue culturing, we know our plants from root to cola and treat them like our own children.  Living soil derived from all natural composting techniques provides the nutrients and beneficial organisms that help our plants thrive without the need for aftermarket fertilizers.  Healthy, happy plants produce more flower, stronger cannabinoid and terpene potencies, and are less vulnerable to disease and pests, reducing the need for topical sprays or biocidal treatments. 

To get the most out of each plant, we practice lollipopping, supercropping, low-stress training, and sea of green scaffolding to maximize the amount of foliage exposed to the natural light while allowing refreshing airflow under the canopy. With over 40 years of growing and cultivation experience within the group, we have learned best practices through our own trials and tribulations and from listening to the advice of those who have had success before us.  The ripe flower is frequently tested for potency as harvest approaches to ensure we get the best physiological effects and flavors for our customers.  Plants are cut, gathered, dried, and bucked by hand so we see every branch of every plant as it goes from the field to the processing rooms.  If it doesn’t meet our high standards of quality for smokeable hemp, it gets processed into the region’s finest CBD oil.  From “Soil to Oil’ is not merely a cute catchphrase we use at DG Agtek; it’s our philosophy.  Quality soil grows healthy plants which are carefully harvested to provide our top-quality oil.  From start to finish, DG Agtek practices what we preach.


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