White Label

Let DG Agtek’s vast marketing experience and scientific expertise drive and grow your personal brand.

We are Connecticut’s undisputed leader when it comes to processing local hemp and manufacturing a wide variety of life-improving consumer products.

First hemp harvest?

We’ll guide you through the steps from drying your plants to making broad spectrum distillate to choosing which products fit your style and preferences.  From candies to tinctures, from topical creams to pre-rolls, whatever you want to make from your crop, we’ve been there and done that. We can make the process as painless as possible because we’ve already overcome the challenges you’re going to face.   Do you already have CBD oil and want to get it onto tables in farmers’ markets and shelves in regional stores, let us assist in designing your product line, packaging, and brand labeling.  

We're all about the process

One of the first in the state approved for growing, processing, and producing hemp-derived goods, DG Agtek can provide the goods and services you need in this fast-growing, ultra-competitive industry.  Whether you are a novice grower who has always dreamed of having the family name on a line of home goods, or a generational farmer who wants to add another product to the ancestral brand, we can help get your harvest from the field to the shelf.

Quality, guaranteed

We have well-established supply chains and best practice manufacturing processes to provide you with a quality product you can be proud to put your name on.  All of our manufactured products can be made based on our own in-house developed recipes or hand-crafted by batch to the precise specifications of each customer.  Additionally, all of our products come with independent third party testing so you know exactly what you’re getting, and you’re getting exactly what you want.  You know how to grow fine hemp, we know how to put it on shelves and into consumers’ pockets.  Let’s each do what we’re best at.


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